Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Genius of Advertising

A conversation in an advertising agency office:

"Hey! Our client needs to sell more of this product. He wants us to make it more appealing to moms and kids."

"Yup, if the kids are clamoring for it, then mom has to get it just to shut them up."

"How about clowns? Kids love clowns!"

"Great idea! Call the art department!"

And that is how "Moe's Mortuary and Embalming Fluid Company" increased its market share that year . . .

(Okay, I am just guessing there. This is an advertising premium from the 1940s. With the huge swollen black lips, I just assumed it was from some sort of weird clown zombie corpse. I could be wrong . . .)

Poor little Jimmy, he couldn't understand why his little sister wouldn't play with him anymore and started screaming in the middle of this night!

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