Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Think I'm Being Clowned . . .

It's sort of like being swarmed, but with clowns . . . made of cake . . .

All I did was make some utterly innocent comments on Facebook about how I was going to intercept some luscious baked goods being sent by one friend and blogmate to another. The reason was ostentibly that the second blogmate has "won" a contest being held by the first. Well, that is simply impossible. Those cookies are MINE, MINE, MINE!!!

I was sulking and plotting when this appeared outside my door.

Okay, creepy, but no reason to panic. I am used to seeing clowns in unexpected places. I picked off the weird candy eyes, wiped that smug frosting smile off his face and then I ate him.

But, then I went into my office and there they were:

The Cheerio hair, the wormy smiles . . . ::shudder::

It took an entire pot of tea to get this batch down. Luckily, the baker knew how to keep the cake light and fluffy. That immediately made me suspicious. However, the truly talented baker I have in mind would never use sour gummy worms on buttercream frosting. So, my suspicions went elsewhere.

Then the threat came through loud and clear!

A plate of dead clown cupcakes sitting on top of my washer. With fruit roll-ups masquerading as bacon for the vapid smiles. Luckily, I was able to fake out my dogs and they believed the bacon story.

As I type, I am showing those cupcakes who is boss. But, funny, I'm not hungry for cookies any more . . .

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  1. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! This is a warning! You don't know it, but Jack in the Box is my homeboy!

    A Friend with Large Shoes