Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm Baaaaccckkk . . . .

Sorry for the long absence!

It started innocently enough. A guest asked a question about aliens and Roswell (yes, there is fascinating dinner conversation at my house). Suddenly, the screen flashed and a rogue program was off and running taking a good chunk of my hard drive with it.

I blame the ICC (International Clown Cabal) . . .

Me and my anti-viral programs fought valiantly, capturing and removing 25 different Trojan Horse viruses. However, the damage was done. I couldn't even get on the Interwebz for almost a week (the horror!). Finally, a complete crash and reinstall was necessary. However, thanks to my handy external hard drive, I hacked in and saved all my docs and pics.

So, I will be able to continue exposing the ICC conspiracy and bringing the best from the CCC (Creepy Clown Continum)!


  1. Glad you're back! The ICC?! Love it!

  2. That sounds like it would be a cool story. At least a short story. Glad to see you back.