Monday, July 5, 2010

Pleeze Vote For Me . . . Pleeze, Pleeze, Pleeze . . .

Even the clowns will be sad if I lose!

Seriously, this is a shameless appeal for your vote in the contest to pick two new writers for the humor blog "An Army of Ermas."

The two highest vote-getters will be inducted into the sisterhood, learn the secret booty shake, and get access to the jello recipe vault. My life would be complete.

My name is Terri Coop and my entry is # 11, "The Kid Whisperer."

I haz a funneh, I swearz! And if I am chosen to be one of the new Ermas, I promise to fulfill my office faithfully and to the best of my ability with stories from my life and travels, especially my adventures at the laundromat (such as the guy who brought all of his dirty clothes folded up in designer shopping bags).

The voting begins at "An Army of Ermas" on July 6th and goes on for a nail-biting two days. This blog is worth following. However, I warn you. After reading "Yoga Bare," I was permanently disqualified from organ donation because I laughed up a kidney. It wasn't pretty.

You can read then entries at "An Army of Ermas." Remember, it is #11 by Terri Coop that you love and can't wait to vote for.

Remember, a vote for me is a vote for funnehz! Thanks to everyone: Terri

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