Friday, July 9, 2010

Summertime . . . And The Clowning

is creepy . . . (c'mon, sing along!)

My sincere thanks to a reader who said he thought of the blog when he saw this album cover. I'm touched . . .

Okay, somebody thought this was a good idea and a good way to sell records. Evidently, in the cover designer's fantasies, attractive young women like to follow men with painted faces into the woods to hear music. Skinny men with deep soulful eyes, sensitive hands, and wide smeared dripping red mouths.

Wait, I was thinking of Twilight! Sorry, I got sidetracked.

Back to the record cover and the designer's and/or singer's fantasies. What do you bet he had two rolls of duct tape in the glove compartment of his gray panel van with the tinted windows?

Clowns, trust them at your own peril.


  1. Hi Terri,

    And that clown on the album cover looks like a young Joker from the old Batman series. And who the heck hauls out a Steinway piano into a field?

    Your blog is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs this morning!

  2. I agree with Liz. The girls must be murder groupies if they're following the Joker around. Maybe he made them push the piano into the field and now they're laying around because they're tired?

    Clowns are creations of ultimate evil. I fully support your cause.

  3. Liz! You nailed it. I could not think of who (or what) this photo reminded me of! THE JOKER! Of course!

    Both the old Batman series and the Heath Ledger Joker.

    Also, the caption on the album, "Sad Clown. Bad Afternoon." Sounds like a title of a "Criminal Minds" or "CSI" episode. I am liking this image the more I see it!

    On Sunday, my 100th post features the "Why I Fear Clowns Top 10" with a contest for a cool piece of WIFC swag.


  4. Hahaha... Twilight! I can see where the clown resemblance goes, though. That's definitely the Joker.

  5. Great album cover. Looks like it would be a soundtrack for a Fellini film.

    Tossing It Out