Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back To Clown-Foolery

Well, I finally uncovered a prize egg in a game so evil that it could have been perpetrated by the International Clown Cabal.

It is good to have my life back. The Coffee Cup Software Egg Hunt, is now coming up on a week of ruining productivity on a worldwide scale.

Why? Because their software rocks! I will be using my 'E-Commerce' egg to rebuild our family business website from top to bottom. Also, the gang at Coffee Cup is usually not so devious and clown-like. The support and enthusiasm is top rate.

The ever elusive $1000 golden prize egg is still hidden in the deep and dark dungeons of their website. Check it out, if you dare. However, when you come stumbling back bleary-eyed and suffering from carpal tunnel, don't say I didn't warn you!

However, as my life slowly returns to abnormal, my nearly daily offering of creepy and unsettling clown art will get back on track. Today, I offer you this latest piece of evidence:

Case closed . . .

PS: A lot of work went into this, to create a face that only the proud mother of a clown could love. I bet whichever kid inherited this or got it for Christmas or as a wedding gift wondered what they had done to make Mom so mad at them.

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