Thursday, April 15, 2010

Even Cake Can't Help Some Things . . .

I am the first to admit it, this blog is my tribute to the one and only Cake Wrecks. It is my humble homage to this great blog roaming the interwebz in search of sugary victims.

So, it is with humility that I present to you one of the places where two paths of cringe-worthy creepiness intersect to form something that is even worse than the sum of its parts. Yes, I am talking about the WTF confection better known as the "Dead Clown Cake." To-wit: (I say things like to-wit because I'm a lawyer in my spare time)

The recipe did say that it serves 20. As if you'll have 20 friends left after you lay this out (in state) on the buffet table. For the best of the worst of clown cakes (as if there could be a good one), check out Cake Wrecks right here. Remember, be ever vigilant, even dead, clowns are sneaky!

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