Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Treatments For Coulrophobia

Now that I have defined coulrophobis or the fear of clowns, we need to look at some treatments. Here is one from "eHow" that veritable fountain of reliable information. This is step 4:

"Practice desensitization, a gradual process that involves allowing yourself to be exposed to clowns a little at a time. Make a list of your fears, from safest to scariest, and begin exposing yourself to the safest. For example, try just thinking about a clown for a few seconds, and when that gets easier, gradually work up to the next thing on your list. Take your time, and if something is too frightening, back up a bit." (read the whole thing, here is the credit, I didn't make it up)

Okay, are you ready . . . we're going to take it slow . . .

Leering clowns with their pants down apparently humping outhouses. All disguised as salt and pepper shakers. Not scared? Congrats! You are cured! Creeped out? Good! You are normal!

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