Friday, April 16, 2010

Pay Up and I Won't Eat You . . .

Running an international cabal requires funding. Also, floppy shoes aren't cheap! So, clowns are always looking for a racket and a hustle. Below, we have a classic "feed the clown" bank. It worked like a charm. The clown swallowed your quarter and when it wasn't there when you opened up the bank, you blamed your sister.

Yes, a perfect gift from a loving, but unsuspecting grandparent. As long as you fed it, it didn't eat you. To keep feeding it, you had to keep doing chores. Everyone thought you were the perfect child, who loved clowns, so they kept getting them for you at Christmas time. The madness never stopped, until you cracked, thus supporting the legal justice system and the mental health industry.

Clowns . . . the engine of the economy. Break the chain. Stop the madness!


  1. OK, I am SURE that thing would bite your fingers off if you stuck them in there......

  2. I, of course, a newcomer to this blog, but the author does not agree