Thursday, June 17, 2010

But, It Has Gold On It . . .

So, it must be decorative and valuable!

Ummmm . . . those shiny lips and empty eyesockets that follow you everywhere . . . yes, that's just what that alcove needed . . .

(Ever see "Jeepers Creepers" If so, think of the very last scene. If not, then you are seriously behind on your horror movie watching, get thee to Netflix!)


  1. Oh god my biggest fear is clowns... ahhhh! Haha but yeah those eye sockets, arched eyebrows and the creepy I'm-going-to-kill-you smile give me the hibigeebies. It's kinda pretty and mesmerizing though.

  2. RESIST! RESIST! Do not look into the deadlights!


    PS: Thanks for dropping by and joining the cause!

  3. Jeepers Creepers take a look at those peepers.