Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Heart History Channel American Pickers!

Yes, I admit it, I love watching "American Pickers" on History Channel.

For many years my husband and I were dealers in vintage toys, pop culture and all-around American kitsch. My husband, in particular, was an accomplished dumpster diver. Mike and Frank take it to a whole new level.

So, I decided to check out Mike Wolfe's site at www.antiquearcheology.com and discovered that the clowns had infiltrated this excellent website, masquerading as Americana . . .

Heavy sigh . . . even Iowa isn't safe from the ICC : )

Even better, this fine specimen is for sale! However, Mike isn't fooled by this bit of clownfoolery. The caption reads: "This bad boy kind of creeps us out. Well made out of plywood and eighteen inches tall, mid-century. Amaze your friends with your finely tuned ping pong ball tossing skills." Words to live by!

My thanks to Mike Wolfe at Antique Archeology for his friendly response to my email asking for a chance to make fun of one of his pickins. Support this spirit of humor and cooperation by dropping by his website and tuning in to "American Pickers" (new episodes start on June 7th.

PS: FTC disclosure statement - This website is my opinion only and I received no renumeration or other consideration for the content presented here. In other words, I am not a paid shill of Antique Archeology or the International Clown Cabal.

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