Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trouble Getting Your Kids To Turn Off Their Light?

Not any more! (MOM, turn it OFF! MOOOOOMMMMMM! I'll be good I promise!)

However, I couldn't sleep knowing this was on the table next to my bed. On the flip side, the monsters under my bed would be too scared to come out.

Aside from the freakish blood smeared face, it is the hands that bother me the most. They are too detailed, too realistic, and too . . . I don't know . . . dainty to be from a clown (ya know, no floppy gloves). Makes me think of horror stories of real people being encased in clay and turned into sculpture. Okay, I'm oooged out now.


  1. Looking at this clown brings on an attack of nausea. *hurl*

  2. Imagine this on your desk staring at you while you write . . .


    PS: thanks for dropping by!