Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zombie Night At The Circus

Ahhhh . . . isn't it sweet when a family all gets together and goes to the circus on family night.

It is so sweet to see that freak-faced zombies have families and smile for the camera just like everybody else.

What's that?

Those aren't zombies? They aren't visiting the circus? They're part of the circus?


This photo of a clown cabal is from when I was a kid (yes, we had cameras back then). Is it any wonder I developed superior clown-avoidance skills at such a young age?


  1. I. Dislike. Clowns. Nothing funny about them! I think, like you, I have superior clown-avoidance skills.

  2. Terri,
    Where'd you get that great photo of my in-laws? It's so hard to get them all together.

  3. Your in-laws? But . . . but . . . these are my siblings. OMG! We're related. Hillary . . . I wuv you!